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Eagle series RS-170

Pleora Technologies and Moog Protokraft have developed a technology that facilitates high-performance video capture, streaming and control in harsh environment applications. The Eagle series RS-170 and Camera Link to GigE Vision video converters developed by Moog Protokraft address the growing demand for networked video in military, aerospace and other harsh environment applications.

Combining Moog Protokraft's advanced packaging, power and high speed interface designs with Pleora Technologies’ low–latency GigE Vision- and GenICam-compliant streaming technology delivers vision solutions that provide high bandwidth, small size and weight, reduced power consumption, increased reliability, and lower system costs in extreme operating environments.

Moog Protokraft designed the Eagle series video format converters with D38999 connector interfaces for military, aerospace, petrochemical, mining, industrial or utility applications where equipment can be submitted to significant levels of shock, vibration and extreme temperature ranges. The Moog Protokraft Eagle series of video format converters ensure mechanical, electrical and software compatibility with the latest generation of GigE Vision software toolkits.


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