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EoSens 21CXP2 camera

Mikrotron today announced the market-launch of the EoSens 21CXP2 camera that draws on the performance of a 21-Megapixel global shutter CMOS sensor together with the ultra-fast CoaXPress 2.0 interface to deliver a powerful combination of sharp resolution, greater scan coverage, and blazing speed in multiple bit modes.

Like all Mikrotron EoSens models, the EoSens 21CXP2 features a ruggedized, compact metal enclosure to stand up to harsh industrial environments, along with precise triggering, 2 x 2 binning, and simplified set-up for hassle-free integration into factory automation, 3D laser triangulation, Automated Optical Inspection of LEDs and PCBs, metrology, surface analysis, and broadcasting systems.

Mikrotron will present the first public demonstration of the new EoSens 21CXP2 at the VISION Show in Stuttgart, Germany in booth #10F30, October 5-7, 2021. The camera is poised to significantly exceed its EoSens predecessors in speed and resolution and will round-out the company's new line for CXP 2.0 machine vision cameras. Meetings and demos at VISION can be scheduled here.

Building upon a 45-year history of innovation in machine vision, the EoSens 21CXP2 is capable of acquiring 5120 x 4096 pixel color or monochrome images while operating at 230 frames-per-second (fps), resulting in greatly improved image precision and optimum throughput. By deploying ROI and on-chip binning modes, the camera will capture images as fast as 5120x128@5582 fps or 5120 x 32@12764 fps. Using a state-of-the-art global shutter architecture, the sensor achieves >66dB dynamic range.

Sensitivity is enhanced when users apply the camera's 2 x 2 binning mode, heightening the signal to noise ratio up to 51dB, while enabling faster readout speeds. In addition, a large full well capacity of 120 ke− permits high light signals without blooming.

A global leader in the imaging market, Mikrotron pushed the limits even further with the EoSens 21CXP2 by adopting the CoaXPress 2.0 standard that accelerates data transmission speed to 12.5 Gb/s -- or twice as fast as the CXP 1.1 standard -- using just a single coaxial cable, or up to 50 Gb/s over four cables. The same coaxial cable will carry the camera's uplink signal and power, making it convenient as no additional cables are required.


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