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EO Machine Vision Cameras

Edmund Optics has released a family of intelligent machine vision cameras with the USB 2.0 interface. The cameras are equipped with a host of software features designed to make machine vision easier to implement and control while the USB interface provides a high-speed link for data downloads. 

The EO family cameras are available in four resolution and speed combinations ranging from 752x480-pixel at 87fps to 2560x1920-pixel at 6fps, available in colour and monochrome versions. Each camera in the family features a progressive-scan CMOS sensor, software-based exposure control, C-mount lens fittings, and a USB 2.0 interface.

The intelligent EO cameras come with software support that simplifies their use. Software also allows the user to control signal gain, set exposure time, and set frame rate as well as establish trigger and digital output (flash) delays and durations. Users can set exposure, gain, and white balance manually or allow the camera to handle these parameters automatically.

The high-speed USB 2.0 interface coupled with the camera’s intelligence permits the camera to provide data in a variety of modes. Software supplied with the camera allows image capture in JPEG or Bitmap file formats or video capture in AVI format, both with hot-pixel correction. The camera can also perform edge enhancement, image mirroring and image binning in both vertical and horizontal directions. Drivers for the camera are available for Direct Show (WDM), ActiveX, and TWAIN applications programs. In addition, a software development kit (SDK) and documentation are available.


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