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Ensenso N10 stereo camera

IDS Imaging Development Systems has extended its Ensenso N10 compact stereo 3D camera portfolio with 24 new versions featuring focal lengths from 3.6mm to 16mm. Free software supplied with the camera makes it easy to integrate Ensenso cameras into virtually any application program. This means multiple Ensenso cameras can be combined or the cameras can be calibrated with other IDS uEye colour cameras to provide colour texture to the rendered projection.

The cameras are compact, synchronised systems that provide metric 3D data out of the box with no additional calibration required. They are equipped with two global shutter CMOS sensors and an integrated projector that casts a random pattern of dots onto the object under inspection. This projected texture stereo vision method allows the capture of untextured surfaces and can also function in multi-camera mode. Ensenso cameras can capture stationary objects and live images of moving objects.

Ensenso cameras measure 150 x 45 x 45mm. With a robust aluminium housing and GPIO connector for 12-24V hardware trigger input/output, this camera is ideal for industrial applications. The cameras also have a screw-in three pin M8 sensor/actuator connector and screw-in USB connection.

All Ensenso cameras are supplied with a free C++ SDK and comprehensive viewer application. The SDK provides full access to the 3D point cloud data.


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