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Elements V2.3

Nikon’s new NIS - Elements V2.3 is set to speed up image acquisition with enhanced, user-friendly software for bioresearch and industrial professionals. Providing a suite of powerfully fast multi-dimensional, image capture and analysis solutions, the software will simplify a broad spectrum of microscopy applications, in both life and material sciences.

The user-friendly software stores all common operations in a centralised location, and allows spreadsheet analysis to be linked to the image view and easy exportation of data to HTML, text and Excel file formats.

Featuring enhanced acquisition controls, the user is able to scroll through and observe previously captured data without having to pause or stop an experiment. Furthermore, the new camera-triggered device control option supports faster image acquisition. With powerful visualisation tools, the speed of processing is greatly improved, and this allows for fluid rotation and movement of the dataset in the volume view.

Demonstrating outstanding imaging analysis capabilities, the NIS - Elements V2.3 features new region-of-interest (ROI) tools which can be drawn and specified directly onto the image. The user is able to toggle the ROI function on and off, and when on, ROIs can be moved in unison.


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