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e-CAM51_USB camera

E-con Systems has launched the e-CAM51_USB, a USB camera housing a 5 Megapixel pluggable autofocus camera module, e-CAM52_5640_MOD, based on OmniVision’s OV5640 CMOS image sensor. The camera supports GPIO and microphone with an integrated analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).

OmniVision’s OV5640 CameraChip sensor has an embedded ISP and features automatic image control functions including automatic exposure control (AEC), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic band filter (ABF), 50/60Hz automatic luminance detection, and automatic black level calibration (ABLC). The majority of these features are supported in the e-CAM51_USB through the standard UVC protocol allowing all third party applications on Linux- and Windows-based operating systems to be used. The features of e-CAM51_USB, such as GPIO control, autofocus control and status, and manual focus are supported through a UVC extension unit interface. Target applications include OCR, scientific research, biometrics and robotics.


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