DxO Analyzer image quality evaluation solution

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DxO announced today the immediate availability of a new version of its industry-leading DxO Analyzer image quality evaluation solution. DxO Analyzer v6 includes a dramatically enlarged suite of video tests, lower cost of ownership, and unparalleled accuracy in MTF test results.

Featuring the industry’s first HDR testing system, DxO Analyzer now enables testing up to120dB of dynamic range. This unique capability allows customers to fully test the HDR functionality built into an increasing number of image capture devices. A new, automated, closed-loop lighting system addresses one of the most challenging, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks needed for camera testing by dramatically improving reliability of test results, while also greatly reducing the labor required.

Going beyond previous generations of video test tools, DxO Analyzer v6 supports full testing of auto-exposure, sharpness, auto-white-balance, and texture by using textured test charts under varying lighting. Finally, DxO Analyzer v6 introduces calibrated MTF testing -- insuring more accurate results by microscopically measuring and profiling the target, then using that data to calibrate test results. The result is a dramatic improvement over traditional MTF and resolution testing accuracy, which is reduced because of the physical limitations of ink-jet or photographic paper targets.

DxO’s VP Marketing of Image Quality Evaluation Nicolas Touchard said, “With DxO Analyzer v6, we have added the capabilities camera evaluators in the industry need most to keep up with the rapidly changing features of imaging devices including standalone cameras, mobile devices, and embedded imagers. DxO Analyzer v6 also opens the door to additional markets that demand state-of-the-art video quality measurement.”

Existing DxO Analyzer customers not only benefit from the additional capabilities of v6, but also from the easier operation provided by the closed-loop lighting control system. Expanding DxO Analyzer to include a full set of video tests also increases its applicability in video-centric markets, including wearables, industrial automation, medical, videography, surveillance and automotive.