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DRV-Z1 stereo imager wins Productronica innovation award

Vision Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high-quality visual inspection and measurement technologies, has been awarded the productronica Innovation Award, for its state-of-the-art 3D visualisation product: The DRV-Z1.

The productronica Innovation Award 2019 is the third annual award which honours the best innovative new products and manufacturing techniques across six categories. Vision Engineering’s DRV-Z1 was chosen by a panel of experts to win the Inspection & Quality Cluster award, for demonstrating significant technical development and cutting edge technical integration, efficiency and design.

The Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) is a world-first technology which produces high-resolution 3-dimensional stereo images without the need for a monitor, headset or glasses. Essentially, images “float” in front of a viewing mirror for the user.

Based on this new technology, the digital 3D viewing system, DRV-Z1, was developed as a microscope version with stereo zoom. It was created specifically for inspection and manufacturing applications and combines the advantages of optical stereomicroscopy and digital technology in one system. The DRV-Z1 provides users a natural 3D view with full HD resolution and excellent object sharpness, enabling improved inspection quality.

Additionally, the DRV-Z1 comes equipped with real time digital connectivity, making it possible to share 3D images with distant colleagues driving productivity and opening new opportunities for collaboration.

Mark Curtis, Managing Director, Vision Engineering comments:

“We are thrilled to see that, this year, our ground-breaking technological accomplishment in the DRV-Z1 has been awarded with one of the industry’s most respected and renowned awards.

“The ability to share high definition, three-dimensional images with the DRV-Z1, has already been hugely beneficial to a range of different industries. General feedback from customers is that the DRV-Z1 improves accuracy, quality and control, and general workplace efficiency across the board, and we are excited about the opportunity to apply and developed this technology in key industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and the automotive sector.”


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