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Drone solution for hyperspectral remote sensing

Polytec, the specialist for optical measurement technology, introduces an innovative complete drone solution for hyperspectral remote sensing.

The ready to use systems from the US manufacturer Headwall Photonics are equally suitable for precision agriculture, environmental protection, forestry and surface mining. They are based on a professional multicopter with adapted gimbal for image stabilisation. Integrated components also include a positioning sensor for flight parameter control, the VNIR or SWIR hyperspectral imaging sensor and software for flight planning, for post-processing and for image correction, analysis and combination with geo-data.

Depending on the application, the system is fitted with a Nano-Hyperspec VNIR sensor for the visible and near-infrared wavelength range or with a Micro Hyperspec sensor for SWIR, i.e. the shortwave infrared range. An additional LIDAR module can be integrated as an option.

Parameters such as vegetation indices can be recorded at the push of a button, and other characteristics, for example plant disease or pests, can be identified using suitable models.

The systems are supplied complete in the transport case and include training and one year’s technical support. Polytec offers exclusive advice, evaluation, sales and service for the German-speaking region and the Benelux countries.


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