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Awaiba, the Madeira-based CMOS design house, has launched the Dragster digital CMOS line scan sensor series. Based on 12-bit digital sensor architecture, the sensors are available with 4k pixels and 7 x 7μm to 7 x 500μm pixel size, and 8k pixels with 3.5 x 3.5μm pixel size. All sensors operate up to 40kL/s. The sensors provide 7e- dark read noise and 50 per cent QE (DR-4k-7), an outstanding sensitivity and noise performance.

While the sensors with quadratic pixels address the high speed scanning market, the DR-7k-500 sensor, which provides multiple non-destructive readout capability, is targeted to spectroscopy and laser triangulation applications. All sensors are fully digital and work with 3.3V single supply. They are supplied on an easy to integrate COB module comprising all decoupling elements. Characterisation data according to EMVA1288 standard is available for all sensors.


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