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DR-2x2k-7 sensor

Awaiba has added a dual line sensor to its popular high-speed digital line scan sensor family Dragster. The DR-2x2k-7 sensor features a dual line of 7 x 7µm pixels and operates at up to 160k lines per second.

In high-speed scanning applications, the dual line sensor mode allows an increase in TDI. Combined with an extremely low read noise and high sensitivity, the sensor is the ideal choice for any cost-sensitive, high-performance, high-speed scanning applications. The sensor interface is identical to the one of the other Dragster line scan sensors. The digital interface and single 3.3V supply make it easy to integrate the sensor.

The family of Dragster line scan sensors includes sensors from 2k pixels to 16k pixels. DR-2x2k-7 is suited to applications in solar cell inspection, high-speed print inspection, sorting applications, slide scanning, and surface inspection.


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