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DLIS-2K and DLIS-4K sensors

Alrad Imaging has introduced the DLIS-2K and the DLIS-4K re-configurable line scan CMOS image sensors from Panavision Imaging. The sensors feature oversampling for enhanced sensitivity and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. The DLIS-2K and 4K sensors consist of four independently selectable and resettable rows with 2080 or 4096 pixels each and a high resolution mode of 4160 or 8192 pixels each, respectively. Three rows feature 4µm square pixels and the fourth row features 4µm wide x 32µm tall pixels. The 4 x 32µm pixel has sensitivity exceeding 100V/LuxSec. Row integration time can be controlled either by direct external control or internal programmable control via a 3-wire serial interface. The Distributed Analogue to Digital converter (D/AD) per pixel has selectable resolution of 7 to 11 bits and a one-bit output using a selectable threshold.

The DLIS-2K and 4K are user configurable to satisfy a wide range of demanding applications. The DLIS-2K and 4K can output full single row data at 13000fps or 8000fps at 8 bits respectively, for higher speed applications. Automatic Dynamic Threshold (ADT) with binary output provides an integrated and cost-reducing solution for bar code and positioning applications.

Both imagers have multiple readout modes that include: Correlated Double Sampling (CDS), ambient light subtraction, oversampling, non-destructive read, binning of different integrations, binning of different rows, and a high resolution mode. Both imagers have programmable gain and offset (2-bit control), onboard test mode capabilities, including external input to the A/D for calibration or other external analogue input that needs to be digitised.


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