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DesignCore Jetson SerDes Sensor Interface Card

D3 Engineering announces its DesignCore® NVIDIA® Jetson™ SerDes Sensor Interface Card for the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier™ and Jetson TX1/TX2 Developer Kits. Engineers can use the card to easily interface multiple cameras and other sensors to the Jetson platform for realistic benchtop evaluation and rapid proof-of-concept development.

The two most popular SerDes standards are both available on this card: FPD-Link™ III from Texas Instruments and GMSL2 from Maxim Integrated. Each sensor stream comes in over a serial link and is de-serialized into MIPI CSI-2 data for the Jetson Developer Kit. A MIPI CSI-2 input enables direct connection to the Jetson platform.

GPIO and I2C control are available for configuration, synchronization and reset. The card takes a 12V external supply and has a power-over-coax connection.

Download the SerDes card data sheet for specifications:

D3 is an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner

D3 Engineering is an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner for camera development. This partnership provides access to the Jetson camera toolchain, which enables D3 to deliver high-performance, cost-optimized embedded vision systems on the Jetson platform.

D3 Engineering provides rugged camera modules, camera modules, radar sensors, and software design examples for use with the SerDes card. The company also offers engineering design services to interface other sensors or create new Jetson-based embedded system to meet OEM requirements.


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