Datapath DisplayPort 1.2 capture card

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Stemmer Imaging now provide the new Vision SC-DP2 from Datapath, a DisplayPort 1.2 capture card supporting full 4k at 60 fps. This high performance audio and video capture card allows system integrators to meet the latest demands of the professional audio and video market.

The new card can simultaneously capture two channels of DisplayPort 1.2 video and audio up to 4096 x 2160p at 60 fps and offers full 4k output via file playback to Datapath’s video wall controllers.

The card is supported by the high performance vision driver common to all Datapath capture cards, offering a vast number of features and providing ease of use. Combining both hardware and software enhancements the vision performance driver provides a variety of features such as LiveStream for lowest possible capture latency and MultiStream which allows for the independent control of multiple streams from a single capture channel at the same time. A hardware based time stamping facility and automatic signal detection are just some of the other features.

DirectShow drivers for WDM streaming support a variety of applications to encode, record and stream video over networks or the Internet. Windows Media Encoder can be used to compress and stream captured video, which can be replayed using Windows Media Player.