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DataMan 302 ID reader

Cognex has released the DataMan 302 ID reader designed specifically for solar traceability initiatives. The DataMan 302 features integrated, bank controlled, blue illumination for reading 2D barcodes on solar photovoltaic (PV) wafers. The high resolution (1,280 x 1,024 pixels) image-based ID reader is ideal for decoding laser-marked ECC-200 data matrix codes used on PV wafers that comply with the SEMI industry organisation standard SEMI PV29-0212, published in February 2012.

The DataMan 300 series of image-based industrial ID readers provide high read rates and are able to decode multiple codes within one image, even if presented at an angle. The 2DMax+ algorithm can handle variations in code marking, codes with damaged data matrix clocking or timing patterns and codes degraded during the manufacturing process.

In order to ensure complete traceability, marks must be decoded at many stages of the solar panel manufacturing process. The DataMan 300 series includes flexible lens options, allowing the same reader model to be used in a wide range of applications. These applications include reading codes within confined spaces, decoding small codes within large fields of view (FOV) and scanning codes at high speed as they are presented to the reader by robotic handling devices.


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