Cygnet 2/3-inch sCMOS camera

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Premier Electronics has launched the Cygnet 2/3-inch sCMOS camera, providing full HD up to 60Hz. Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology stands to gain widespread recognition across a broad range of demanding imaging applications, due to its ability to simultaneously deliver extremely low noise, fast frame rates, wide dynamic range, high quantum efficiency, high resolution and a large field of view.

The 2.1MP 2/3 inch Scientific CMOS sensor with 5.5µm x 5.5µm pixels enables ultra sharp image resolution and with a Quantum Efficiency of over 63% @ 500nm and greater than 34% @ 850nm, the Cygnet offers optimum photon collection and is available in both monochrome and colour versions. Utilising a 12-bit Camera-Link interface the Cygnet will provide full HD resolution up to 60Hz making it a perfect camera for shorter exposures and faster events! With a very low power requirement of less than 1.7W and weight of only 120g, this camera is ideal for hand-held, mobile or airborne systems.

Cygnet is available in both monochrome and colour. This rugged, ultra-compact, light high quality camera will meet many of the professional industries requirements. The camera is also available in an OEM version.