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CX.XC cameras with a cooling pipe

The Baumer portfolio includes industrial cameras with a cooling pipe integrated directly into the housing for highly precise image capture or for image acquisition in very warm environments. These allow the new CX.XC models to be cooled with compressed air in the 2 to 3 bar range or with liquids up to 6 bar. This makes them ideally suited for inspections with higher ambient conditions, for example, near furnaces during glass production. Thanks to the effective heat dissipation near the sensor and the lens, the CX.XC cameras provide images with very low noise and few defective pixels, with a highly dynamic output at the same time. They can be used for highly precise measuring tasks, such as the inspection of silicon wafers in the µm range, without thermal effects on the lens or the image characteristics. The new cameras eliminate the need for additional cooling components – saving time and costs during system integration. The serial production of the CX series cameras with an integrated cooling pipe will commence with the 5 megapixel models with Sony Pregius sensors in the 4th quarter of 2021.

The Baumer CX camera series includes more than 130 models offering an extensive sensor portfolio for cross-industry standard applications of industrial image processing. The standard versions in the 29×29 mm design offer a large range of functions as well as modern Sony Pregius, Pregius S, STARVIS, and Polarsens as well as ON Semiconductor PYTHON CMOS sensors for the future-oriented implementation of applications. Models with standard-compliant GigE Vision or USB3 Vision interfaces, with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) for precise time synchronization in Ethernet networks, with polarization sensors for the complete detection of the linear polarization state of surfaces, as well as global, rolling, or global reset shutters, allow a wide variety of application solutions. The CX cameras offer very good image quality and high frame rates – with the use of an ROI (Region of Interest), greater than 1000 fps can be achieved. Easy camera integration with changing light conditions is ensured thanks to auto features for exposure, gain, white balance, and color transformation.


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