CX640 thermography camera

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Sierra-Olympic Technologies has launched the longwave infrared (LWIR) CX640 thermography camera. Featuring a 640 x 480 uncooled imaging array with 17 µm pixels that operates in the 8 to 14 µm spectrum, the camera is designed for use in process monitoring, machine vision, benchtop, laboratory, and OEM applications.

Suitable for a variety of radiometric imaging tasks, the CX640 features onboard thermography capabilities with on-screen display of temperature data points presented on the NTSC/PAL analogue video signal. Radiometric measurements range from -20° C to 650° C.

Communication to the camera is achieved via either RS-485 or Ethernet, with the camera displaying temperature information of up to 10 spots, as well as two user-defined regions-of-interest (ROIs) with temperature triggered hardware alarms. 

The camera comes complete with a thermography analysis package for Windows XP/7/8 machines and has Ethernet data out. The CX640 has a 2x and 4x digital zoom, and joins the previously introduced CX320 cameras; both can be specified with a variety of lens focal lengths ranging from 8 mm for very wide field-of-view (FOV) applications to 100 mm for narrow FOV, distant scenes. All lenses are F1.0 for maximum sensitivity.