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CVO range of Megapixel CCTV lenses

Stemmer Imaging has launched the CVO (Common Vision Optics) range of Megapixel CCTV lenses, including two day/night variants. These high quality lenses produce high resolution and high contrast across the entire field of view. This makes them perfect for use with Megapixel cameras to take full advantage of the enhanced resolution and reduce the number of cameras required to cover a particular field of view.

The day/night lenses feature a version with DC iris and a focal length of 3-8mm, and a varifocal version with a manual iris and focal length of 4.5-13mm. The varifocal capability is of particular benefit if there is little flexibility in the mounting position for the camera, since the focal length can be adjusted to suit the application. 

Day/night lenses are ideal for security surveillance applications since they are able to focus both visible and infrared light, thus compensating for the difference in wavelengths from daylight, moonlight, halogen car headlights and sodium street lighting, which could otherwise result in blurred images. 

The CVO Megapixel lens range is completed by a ½-inch 1.4mm focal length version with manual iris. This unique lens offers a fish-eye field of view to eliminate dead angles and provide effective, wide-area surveillance.


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