The CVC AN series

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The CVC AN series of colour cameras with crosshairs, available from Stemmer Imaging, now offer HD imaging capabilities for medical and scientific imaging applications. These new versions provide a way of displaying HD images directly on a monitor without a computer.

Cameras are available in 1,920 x 1,080 pixel (CVC AN-1080) or 1,280 x 720 pixel (CVC AN-072) resolutions, both providing 60fps output. The CVC AN-1080 is able to capture images to an SD memory card inserted in the camera and is compatible with C-mount lenses.

The CVC AN-072 provides VESA standard PC graphic output via VGA, while the CVC AN-1080 offers HDMI video output, making them compatible with the latest 16:9 widescreen LCD displays with either VGA or HDMI input. These cameras can also be used with projectors for training and presentation applications.

Both models feature an on-screen display for set-up. Full control of RGB gain, brightness and contrast is provided, also with ‘one push’ white balance and selectable auto-exposure.

The CVC AN-072 camera features six adjustable crosshairs (three horizontal and three vertical) and the CVC AN-1080 features eight crosshairs (four horizontal and four vertical), which can be used to highlight features of interest within the image. Crosshairs can be enabled independently and adjusted for colour and position.