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CVB Match 3D tool

Stemmer Imaging has added the CVB Match 3D tool to its Common Vision Blox software, offering a practical approach for 3D imaging.

One of the most demanding imaging applications is the inspection and measurement of complex freeform objects where completeness and dimensional accuracy have to be checked in real 3D. Popular approaches use established technologies based on laser scanning triangulation, which provides only so called 2.5D height images.

Using CVB Match 3D, the 3D image of a perfect sample (golden template) is compared to the 3D images of upcoming test parts in the production line, complete with full alignment of the two images. Part deviations can be identified in real-time, allowing pass/fail decisions to be made.

CVB Match 3D integrates easily into existing machine vision environments. The algorithm works internally on real 3D point clouds and automatically adjusts position errors or tipping and tilts in all six axes. Hence there is no need for a highly accurate part positioning and handling as CVB Match 3D aligns the part image in 3D before comparison. This approach results in a reduced mechanical effort and assures high inspection throughput. CVB Match 3D is flexible and also allows for the inspection of different parts at the same time. Multiple models can be preloaded so that different types of parts on a single conveyor may easily be inspected. The easy to use programming interface includes comprehensive documentation, source code examples and open GL visualisation as well as sample 3D scans.


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