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JAI has introduced the CV-A20CL. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels within a 2/3-inch format imager, providing 60fps over a Camera Link interface, the CV-A20CL opens up new possibilities within a wide range of application areas. The CMOS image sensor features a ‘snap-shot’ mode, allowing it to snap individual images on demand.

One of the major advantages of basing a camera on a CMOS image sensor is that it is possible to provide a wide range of readout modes. The user can define a smaller readout window, providing higher frame rate. All setting of camera functions, such as trigger modes, readout modes, shutter speed and gain/offset level, is done via the Camera Link serial interface.

The CV-A20CL outputs the video as 10-bit or 8-bit per pixel, and is compatible with a wide range of frame grabber boards. The CV-A20CL is packaged in a very compact housing, measuring 35 x 44 x 58 mm and can be used together with standard C-mount lenses.


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