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AD-130GE camera

JAI has released the AD-130GE, a 2CCD multi-spectral camera offering high resolution and excellent light sensitivity.

Like the existing AD-080 series, the AD-130GE incorporates a dichroic prism to provide simultaneous capture of both colour and near-infrared (NIR) digital video on a single optical path for efficient multi-spectral inspection and analysis.

The AD-130GE provides 1.3 Megapixel resolution (1,296 x 966 pixels) compared to the 0.8 Megapixel resolution of the existing AD-080 series. Using two precisely-aligned 1/3-inch Sony ICX447 CCDs, the AD-130GE maintains a comparable capture rate to the AD-080 series (31fps), while taking advantage of increased sensitivity, especially in the NIR portion of the spectrum.

Sensitivity to visible light is approximately 20 per cent greater than the AD-080 models, while NIR sensitivity is more than twice that of its predecessors. This leads to higher quality images under typical conditions, with less illumination needed to produce proper signal-to-noise ratios for inspection tasks.


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