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Correlative microscopy set

FEI has released a suite of solutions for correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).

New methods in correlative microscopy bring data from different imaging techniques together automatically in minutes, giving cell biologists the precise information they need.

Scientists believe that correlating information from the cellular down to the molecular level will lead to breakthrough discoveries that improve their understanding and treatment of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and Parkinson’s.

Electron microscopy (EM) offers extremely high image resolution – 1,000 or more times better than light microscopes. Light microscopes (LM) offer a wide variety of specialised techniques, such as fluorescent labelling, that can identify a single molecule or structure within a large, complex environment like the interior of a living cell.

Correlating between the two techniques allows scientists to use LM to find the target and EM to explore its form and function.


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