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Cognex Explorer control centre

Cognex has released the Cognex Explorer control centre. This utility displays a graphical view of all Cognex vision systems, ID readers and visualisation systems connected to the network. It also incorporates powerful maintenance tools for backing up, restoring or cloning systems, carrying out firmware upgrades and much more.

Cognex Explorer provides an intuitive point-and-click interface that’s easy to use without any training required. The control centre offers the ability to: display the identity, type and status of all Ethernet-connected In-Sight vision systems, DataMan ID readers and VisionView display devices on the network; view device settings including IP addresses, firmware/software versions, etc; execute firmware updates; backup and restore multiple systems simultaneously; clone systems when adding more systems to the network; and add licenses for VisionView. The control centre is free of charge to all Cognex customers.


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