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Codec for H.264 compression

NorPix, a leading developer of high speed digital recording solutions, has launched a new codec for H.264 compression. The codec takes full advantage of Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU/GPU architecture, allowing compression in real-time of high-definition video streams.

The H.264 codec is designed for industrial video capture, in particular applications acquiring video streams in monochrome, colour or raw Bayer formats. With this in mind, the codec's implementation includes features that facilitate the processing and compression of raw Bayer images; with the NorPix H.264 codec, Bayer interpolation and colour balancing is performed prior to the actual image compression.

The codec supports NorPix's StreamPix and TroublePix image formats, which reduces transcoding and or image format conversion. Finally, the codec can be implemented with multiple cameras, compressing video streams in parallel. Like all NorPix codecs, the H.264 codec allows excellent integration to all Windows-based platforms.


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