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Cobra LED line light series

ProPhotonix Limited, a high technology designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules, with operations in Ireland and the United Kingdom, today announces an addition to the COBRA™ LED line light series with a new multi-wavelength configuration.

COBRA™ RGB LED line light delivers extremely bright, uniform, multispectral illumination in line scan applications. COBRA™ line lights may now be configured with up to 3 different wavelengths [of any available spectrum]; including Red-Green-Blue (RGB), Ultraviolet (UV) and Infra-Red (IR) as examples of available configurations. The multi-wavelength COBRA™ RGB also features integrated intensity control of each wavelength via Ethernet communication standard, which provides the user with greater flexibility to optimize color for specific applications.

RGB Line lights are frequently used in print inspection applications. In addition, certain machine vision applications utilize RGB and other multi-wavelengths when sorting different types of products utilizing the same vision system, for example sorting different types of produce in the food industry.

Based on the established COBRA™ Slim platform, COBRA™ RGB is a modular product available in any length up to 5m, in 100mm increments. COBRA™ RGB also incorporates a field adjustable lens position allowing users further flexibility to optimize the optical output for their specific application plus a strobing function providing up to five times the product's standard intensity.

Simon Stanley, Managing Director of ProPhotonix IRL Limited stated, "For many years, ProPhotonix has been working with OEM customers to provide multi-wavelength solutions. Today, we are delighted to bring this expertise to a wider market with the introduction of COBRA™ RGB, as a new option within our LED line light series. One target application is the print inspection market. High brightness, multi-wavelength lights allows faster processing of print product without the loss of inspection integrity."


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