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CoaXPress transceiver products

EqcoLogic has started shipping production volumes of its CoaXPress transceiver products, used for high performance imaging applications in industry, medicine and defence.

The devices enable high-speed data download from cameras, lower speed control signals from the frame grabber to the camera and power transmission to the camera – all on a single standard 75-ohm coaxial cable.

CoaXPress was completed by the JIIA CoaXPress working group, building on the specification written by the CoaXPress consortium of which EqcoLogic is a founding member.

The CoaXPress transceiver range consists of: the EQCO62T20 transmitter, which transmits at up to 6.25Gb/s and receives at up to 20Mb/s; EQCO31T20, transmitting at up to 3.125Gb/s and receiving at up to 20Mb/s; the EQCO62R20 receiver, which receives at up to 6.25Gb/s and transmits at up to 20Mb/s; and EQCO31R20, receiving at up to 3.125Gb/s and transmits at up to 20Mb/s.

The CoaXPress system uses the asymmetric (high speed one way, low speed the other) transceivers to transmit image data from the camera and control signals and triggering information from the frame grabber. The system supports transmission of power from the frame grabber to the camera, making local power supplies unnecessary.

EqcoLogic has supplied engineering samples of the EQCO62T20 and EQCO62R20 for a year, for products announced by consortium members Adimec, NED, Active Silicon and Aval Data.


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