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Coaxpress-over-fibre bridge protocol version 1.0

EURESYS is glad to announce the official release of the CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge Protocol version 1.0 Guideline by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA).

As contributor from the start on this topic to the CoaXPress Working Group, EURESYS is proud to further build on the sound and powerful CoaXPress standard to offer more speed, data integrity and larger distances to always more demanding high-bandwidth computer vision applications.

EURESYS offers camera manufacturers the possibility to readily integrate the new functionality by means of the CoaXPress-over-Fiber Bridge IP Core from Sensor to Image and make use of the EURESYS Coaxlink QSFP+, a four-connection CoaXPress-over-Fiber frame grabber with one QSFP+ port at 40 Gbit/s.

This new step constitutes a game changer in the field of vision data transmissions, EURESYS aiming at regularly suppressing the data bottlenecks without compromising on integrity.


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