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CMV20000 and CMV12000 sensors

Cmosis has introduced two CMV sensor models: a 20 Megapixel image sensor, the CMV20000, for demanding industrial applications, and the 12 Megapixel CMV12000, addressing the high-resolution segment of the industrial and broadcasting vision applications.

The sensors provide high dynamic range and global shutter, and are a perfect fit for high-end industrial imaging systems and automation systems, among other applications.

The CMV20000 features a 20 Megapixel (5,120 x 3,840) resolution with 6.4µm sized square pixels resulting in an active sensor area of 32.8 x 24.6mm (35mm film optical format). Peak quantum efficiency reaches up to 45 per cent resulting in a superb responsivity of 8.29V/lux.s in combination with an excellent dynamic range of 66dB.

The CMV12000 image sensor features a 12 Megapixel (4,096 x 3,072) resolution with 5.5µm sized square pixels. Peak quantum efficiency reaches 60 per cent resulting in a responsivity of 4.64V/lux.s and a dynamic range of 60dB.

By means of correlated double sampling in global shutter mode, the eight-transistor pixel cell architecture of both sensors reduces any dark noise and FPN non-uniformity of the sensor matrix. The sensors also offer excellent shutter efficiency.

The CMV20000 delivers 30 full frames per second at maximum resolution with a 12-bit ADC resolution, while the CMV12000 provides 150fps at 10-bit ADC resolution.

The on-chip features for both sensors, such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) modes, offset and gain programming and power dissipation control, are programmed over a three-wire read-write SPI control.


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