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Alrad Imaging has added the CMC-4000, the latest member of VDS Vosskühler's range of high speed cameras, to its product portfolio.

With a high resolution CMOS sensor comprising 2,320 x 1,726 pixels, the camera achieves a speed of 200fps. By reading out a smaller region of interest, the output frame rate can be increased considerably.

As the camera is fitted with a CMOS sensor with a global shutter all pixels are exposed simultaneously. Thus fast moving objects can be recorded distortion free.

The data from the camera is streamed via Camera Link (10 tap) to a suitable PCI express frame grabber. Therefore high speed sequences can be recorded on a PC. The camera can either be controlled by serial commands via RS232 or directly via the Camera Link connection. The camera has a power consumption of 3W with a 12VDC power supply.

Due to its compact design the camera can be considered for use in any high speed application where high resolution is of paramount importance.


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