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JAI has introduced the CM-030OMCL-RH, a 0.3 Megapixel industrial CCD camera with a remote head lens and Power over Camera Link (PoCL) digital interface.

The CM-030PMCL-RH is a new addition to the Compact tier of JAI's C3 Camera Suite. The remote head camera is based on the 1/3-inch Sony ICX424 monochrome progressive scan CCD, with 0.3 million pixels resolution (656 x 494 active pixels). The digital video is output via Mini-Camera Link with Power over Camera Link (PoCL) compatibility and 8- or 10-bit pixel depth, using the CL Base configuration.

With the PoCL interface there is no need for a separate power supply, providing a clean one-cable solution that can more easily fit into crowded spaces while saving on cabling costs and avoiding problems caused by cables rubbing together. The camera's remote head configuration also enables it to operate at 120fps in continuous operation, an increase over the 90fps of its non-remote-head counterpart, the CM-030GE. Higher frame rates can be achieved with the camera’s vertical binning and partial scan modes (up to 504fps).

The small size of the camera head (17mm diameter) and its 2m remote head cable length make this camera suitable for space or weight critical machine vision applications, such as robotics, surface mounting (PCB pick and place), semiconductor inspection, surface inspection, and more.

Three trigger modes - pre-select, pulse width control, and pre-select with smear-less - are available, in addition to continuous operation. Also included is a unique automatic LVAL sync or async selection function. An electronic shutter offers 10 preset speeds or user-programmable settings from 1/120 to 1/30,000 seconds in increments of 16.24µs.


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