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Cloud-based training software with eye tracking

The EdTech and AI startup cubemos is launching a cloud-based software to run tests, assessments, or exams online. Providers of eLearning, trainings and certifications are no longer bound to specific locations and can offer their services online. This is a great advantage in today’s world that is shaped by social distancing and travel restrictions.

cubemos enables education and eLearning providers to conduct their exams online. With this feature, they can maintain or even expand their customer base during the current Covid-19 situation. Examples of applications are training courses for project managers, IT managers, or language courses that result in a certificate. Often, the eLearning and training content is already available and can be used by the course participants and cubemos makes it possible to obtain the corresponding degree or certificate online. Further application examples are safety trainings that must be carried out by visitors before facilities of authorities or corporations are entered. With cubemos, these safety trainings and the associated tests can be conducted before the actual visit, which saves a lot of time. License tests, e.g. for the drone pilots, can also be digitized with cubemos and carried out online.

AI Brings Advantages for Suppliers and Examinees Alike

The AI technology is based on existing image processing software and algorithms from cubemos, which are used by more than 3000 customers in various industries. These include the Skeleton Tracking SDK, eye tracking, person recognition, and the verification of ID documents. All technologies are incorporated into the new online test platform and enable tests to be carried out with a superior level of security compared to many real-world environments.

Dr. Christopher Scheubel, managing director of cubemos, says: “With our product, we enable providers of education and certification to run their tests online. Exams are no longer bound to a specific site or location – now participants can acquire a degree or certificate from almost anywhere in the world. Education providers can reach a much larger audience and save the costs of running local tests. Examinees also profit from the cubemos platform since they no longer need to travel to the examination site."

cubemos Enables the Digitization of Tests and Automatic Online Proctoring

Education and eLearning providers can digitize their exams with cubemos or simply integrate an existing digital exam into the cubemos environment. A link to the corresponding test is all that is needed. The education and eLearning providers freely determine how strict the examination conditions are. They select which proctoring mechanisms should be used, such as ID checks, screen recording or the detection of other people in the room.

During the test, the examiners get an overview of all their examinees and their respective status. This status can be "OK", "Suspicious", or "High probability of cheating". After the test, the examiner is provided with all the test records and the respective classification of the examinees. The decision as to whether a test has been successfully completed can be either fully automated or carried out very efficiently by the examiner himself.

The cubemos software environment is based on the principle of "privacy by design". Therefore, not only the test provider but also every examinee has access to the recorded data. Additionally, all personal data are automatically deleted after a period specified by the education provider. These mechanisms create an important balance: the exam can take place under fair conditions for all participants. However, the necessary data to ensure the fair conditions is only recorded for short period of time and subsequently deleted.


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