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CL4-F frame grabber

Building on the success of its Karbon-CL line of PCI Express frame grabbers, BitFlow has introduced the model CL4-F featuring interfaces for two independent base, medium or full Camera Link (CL) digital video cameras. Because it supports two full-configuration CL cameras, the CL4-F reduces system cost without compromising image resolution or data rate speed, while also minimising the hardware footprint.

Two independent channels with separate trigger signals allow the CL4-F to acquire from two different CL cameras asynchronously, whether they are line scan or area cameras in monochrome or RGB. Alternatively, it can be configured with a single trigger to simultaneously control both cameras. It provides a full set of camera control signals and sync inputs for each connected camera, and acquires data up to 160 bits at 85MHz pixel clock rate and DMA at data rates up to 2.0GB/s.

Truly plug-and-play, the CL4-F uses a x8 PCI Express bus interface and standard CL cabling. Its CamEd GUI enables either fixed or variable size images to be acquired, plus features a programmable region of interest (ROI) sub-windowing capability. Like all Karbon frame grabbers, the CL4-F makes use of BitFlow's FlowThru technology, which provides zero latency access to data, extremely low CPU usage and unlimited DMA destination size.


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