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Alta-AN frame grabbers

BitFlow’s Alta-AN frame grabbers are now compatible with National Instruments' LabView software. This functionality makes the frame grabber an ideal replacement for several obsolete analogue boards from various manufacturers, according to BitFlow.

Users of LabView software who had originally installed NI analogue boards can now swap them out with a BitFlow Alta-AN and experience the same ease-of-use, fast acquisition and minimal CPU usage.

In addition, free drivers can be downloaded from the BitFlow website for LabView and most third party machine vision packages. The Alta-AN models are software compatible with each other, as well as with all the other current BitFlow frame grabbers.

BitFlow Alta-AN frame grabbers have a Virtual Frame Grabber (VFG) to support either one, two or four analogue cameras. Each VFG operates independently so they can be configured for a different camera, triggering mode, and destination buffer, as well as a different acquisition state than the other VFGs on the same board. In addition, multiple VFGs on a single board can acquire signals simultaneously at the cameras' full frame rate and resolution, assuring high quality imaging performance.


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