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Checker 4G7C

Cognex Corporation, the world's leader in machine vision, has announced the Checker® 4G7C, an easy-to-use colour vision sensor that distinguishes parts by colour. “The Checker 4G7C makes verifying product colour easier than ever,” says Brian Nachtigall, Senior Manager and Business Unit Manager, Vision Sensors. “With Checker’s proven easy-to-use interface, simply select the colour to be verified and you are ready to begin inspecting parts.”

Checker 4G7C delivers 376 x 240 inspection resolution with Ethernet support for industrial protocols and high-intensity white LED illumination for the detection and inspection of parts and features at up to 800 parts per minute. 

As part of the Checker 4G Series product line, Checker 4G7C includes the patented Checker internal trigger technology which provides several key advantages:

•  Does not require additional sensors to determine if a part is present

•  Detects parts by locating a feature on a part, not just an edge

•  Tracks parts along the production line without requiring precise part handling 

In addition to the new ability to inspect parts for colour, the Checker 4G7C provides the industry-leading features that the product line is known for including flexible optics, ease of setup, ability to add unlimited sensor tools to a job and intelligent pass/fail logic based outputs.


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