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Caspian C lenses on Iris GTR smart camera

Matrox Imaging and Varioptic, a business unit of Parrot Drones, announce the support of the Caspian C lenses on the Matrox Iris GTR smart camera.

Matrox Iris GTR measures only 75mm x 75mm x 54mm, and embeds the On Semiconductor® PYTHON CMOS image sensors and an Intel® Celeron® dual-core embedded processor that allow it to inspect on fast moving lines.

Varioptic Caspian C lenses are variable focus C-Mount lenses which includes a Liquid Lens and embedded driving circuit. These lenses are available with focal lengths of 16mm or 25mm.

“Our customers developing automated visual inspection applications are more and more confronted with the need to overcome focusing issues” said Fabio Perelli, Product Manager at Matrox Imaging. “Manufacturing lines need to increasingly adapt themselves to various product sizes, and designing our Matrox Iris GTR camera to be compatible with the Varioptic solution will allow our customers to overcome these issues with no additional development.”

"We are pleased that Matrox has selected to support our Caspian C modules on its latest smart camera” said Samuel Grand, Varioptic BU Director. “Having cameras directly compatible with our modules allows instant usage of variable focus technology with no extra costs.”


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