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CapturePro version 2.5

With newly added functions and icons, version 2.5 of CapturePro control and image acquisition software optimises the operation control of ProgRes microscope cameras from Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme.

A clearly increased live image rate and revised symbols make work with ProgRes microscope cameras even more easy and ergonomic. The monitor provides tools for convenient alignment of the specimen and the microscope, thus quaranteeing expeditious and professional workflows at very high image quality.

A brand new option of Capture Pro 2.5 software is continuous exposure tracking, which means that exposure time is continuously monitored and readjusted. In addition, automatic overexposure or underexposure can be selectively set – a special capability that will be useful for haematology studies.

Fluorescence mode is intended for simple acquisition of multi-fluorescence micrographs, providing the user with dialog guidance through an image capturing procedure. With Version 2.5 of CapturePro it has now become possible to combine images taking using a combination of contrast techniques.

The software allows an unlimited number of shading images to be saved and applied. A user is thus able to create a specifically assigned shading image for each objective lens of the microscope and correct a lenses inherent vignetting portions in a targeted manner.


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