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Bolt and Accel 25 GigE cameras

Emergent Vision Technologies, pioneers of 10 Gigabit Ethernet high speed cameras, is enhancing its Bolt area scan and Accel line scan cameras with 25 GigE technology.

The 25 GigE interface offers twenty-five-fold increase over cross industry standard GigE interface and provides 2.5 times rise in data transmission speeds. The 25 Gigabit Ethernet is a standard developed by IEEE 802.3 for Ethernet connectivity. Moreover, the EVT Bolt series incorporates compliance to GigEVision and GenICam.

The EVT Bolt Series

HB-50000: By displaying an image resolution of 7920x6004 pixels at 30 frames per seconds, the HB-50000 is ideal for environments where objects are moving at very high speeds.

HB-12000: Delivering an image resolution of 4096x3000 with up to 188 frames per second, the HB-12000 series offers top speed at 4K resolution.

The EVT Accel Series

Accel LB-8K: The Accel LB-8K is the world’s first line scan camera series to utilize 25GigE Vision Interface. The LB-8K utilizes E2V 8K Sensor, turning to be an ideal choice for low-noise, high Precision line scan imaging. The sensor provides varied line rates at an 8K horizontal resolution i.e. 200KHz single line, 100KHz bilinear, and 66KHz trilinear. The Accel LB-8K series with 8K sensor also supports multi-line scanning with enhanced control for scanning each line.

Both Bolt and Accel cameras will use low cost SFP28 transceivers from 1m to 10km and fiber cabling, without the necessity of any fiber converters or repeaters.

The first 25GigE Bolt and Accel cameras will be in production by Q3 2018.

50 megapixel models

Also new from Emergent Vision Technologies are the HR-50000 and HT-50000 50MP 10 GigE cameras. These cameras delivering 8K resolution are the first ever series to utilize CMOSIS CMV50000 sensors. The 50MP cameras are available in two models: HT Series with 10GBaseT interface and HR series with 10 GigE interface. Like always, these EVT cameras are also GenICam and GigEVision compliant.

HR-50000: With an amazing image resolution of 7920x6004 pixels at 23 frames per second, the HR-50000 series employs SFP+ Fiber connection. The fiber connection allows delimits the need for any repeaters or fiber converters for allowing consumers to use fiber from 1M to 10KM in length. To cater shorter lengths up to 10M, consumers can rely on our direct attach copper cables.

HT-50000: With an image resolution of 7920x6004 pixels at 23 frames per second, the HT-50000 series with standard RJ45 10GBaseT connection utilizes CAT6A cables for allowing customers to reach distances up to 100M.

Finally, Emergent Vision Technologies offers the Pace LR-8K, a line scan machine vision camera using the 10 GigE Vision interface. Internalizing the E2V 8K Sensor, the LB-8K forms the best choice for high-precision, low-noise line scan imaging. The sensor provides various line rates of single line 137KHz, bilinear 68KHz, and trilinear 45KHz at 8K horizontal resolution. The 8K sensor in the Pace LR-8K series also purports multi-line scan for the scanning of each line with enhanced control.


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