Boa 2 smart camera

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Supplied by Stemmer Imaging, and with resolutions up to 5 megapixels, inspections up to 80 parts/second, enhanced embedded measurement and processing software, and a variety of I/O and mounting options, the new Boa 2 smart camera from Teledyne Dalsa can automate identification, measurement, guiding and verification requirements in a host of applications.

A choice of 2, 3 and 5 megapixel sensors makes Boa 2 capable of imaging small defects that can be missed or difficult to distinguish with lower resolution cameras. In addition, the increased number of pixels delivers higher measurement accuracy for precision measurement applications and a larger inspection area for verification applications.

The Boa 2 range offers both integrated and externally controlled lighting configurations. An optional integrated high-intensity ring light is available for the 2 megapixel version to provide compact, uniform target illumination, while all versions offer a direct connection to external light sources, including power and strobe control.

The camera is rated for use in harsh industrial environments and provides several mounting options on the front, back and side surfaces. This saves time during the development process and unnecessary expense for protective housings.

The camera features a dual-core 1.5GHz processor to drive the iNspect Express embedded processing and measurement software. In further news, the Boa series of smart cameras and the Geva range of multi-camera vision systems now benefit from the new iNspect 1950 vision application software. Also available for third party PC-based vision systems, iNspect 1950 provides a number of new tools and processing functions to improve factory floor vision measurements.

Specifically designed to simplify the design and deployment of automated inspection, and featuring a four point calibration method for improved measurement accuracy, iNspect vision application software now also includes print verification and thread measurement tools, while the functionality of other tools has been further improved. In addition, five new pre-processors (normalise, zoom, shear x, shear y and threshold) have been included to enhance or accentuate features of the image in order to increase measurement tool accuracy or robustness. These can be selectively applied to any region of interest on the image.