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French firm BVS (Brain Vision Systems) has released BIPcam, a smart camera detecting colours, movements and the structure of an object in real-time. It can be used in various applications, such as traffic management, driving assistance, or video security.

BIPcam incorporates BVS’s BIPS technology, a bio-inspired perception system. It detects nine main data flows to analyse colour, motion and structure of one or multiple objects.

The smart camera tracks coloured objects and evaluates the luminance and colour saturation and hue, even in low light environments. The camera also features motion tracking: it reacts instantaneously to the velocity, direction and variability of moving objects and anticipates their trajectory. It recognises the structure of objects: curves, oriented edges and edge magnitude.

The camera incorporates a CMOS VGA video sensor with a 720 x 480 resolution and frame rate of 60fps. It includes a USB 2.0 interface or a UDP/Ethernet protocol can be implemented with the SDK.


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