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Basler's Runner cameras

MultiPix Imaging has added the latest version of Basler's Runner cameras that include a shading correction feature allowing users to correct for variations caused by the optics or lighting systems, and for pixel variance. For each line in the sensor (red, green, and blue), required shading corrections can be calculated and stored in the camera. Up to two sets of shading files can be stored. Management of the shading files, including tasks such as upload, selection of the shading set, activation, and deactivation, can be easily done via the supplied Basler Pylon driver.

Checking for colour is important in many applications, for example, colour differences or defects in applications such as wood inspection, PCB inspection, and medical testing. With a resolution of 2098 pixels and a line rate of 9.2kHz, the Runner colour cameras can help improve the efficiency of these applications.


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