Basler US now Certified Vision Professionals

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The sales team of Basler, Inc., the US based subsidiary of Basler AG, received certification as Certified Vision Professionals (Basic) from the vision industry association “AIA – Advancing Vision + Imaging” (AIA).

The sales representatives of Basler, Inc. took educational courses on the fundamentals of machine vision, camera and image sensor technology, lighting, optics and image processing.

During the certification program, the Basler, Inc. team learned the fundamental parameters of optical layout, field of view, resolution working distance, and depth of field. They learned how to implement lighting into the system and examined the common processing software algorithms. Basler’s sales managers and specialists also found out about the common pitfalls of machine vision system design.

After the courses the sales staff passed the certification exam and became Certified Vision Professionals (Basic). To maintain this certification they will have to continue education and get another test every three years.

“Basler is focused on continuous improvement, on-going professional development and providing our customers with the highest levels of support and expertise.  We see the AIA CVP program as a key component of these efforts,” said Russ Seery, Director of Sales – Americas of Basler, Inc.