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Aviator GigE cameras

Basler has upgraded all Aviator area scan camera models with a GigE interface. These new cameras combine excellent image quality, speed, and Basler GigE technology. They complement the already well-established Aviator models, which have a Camera Link interface.

Basler Aviator GigE cameras are available with resolutions of 1, 2 (4:3 and HDTV), and 4 Megapixels in monochrome or colour. The GigE interface offers reliable data transport at over 100fps at 1 Megapixel resolution (100MB/s) over distances of up to 100 metres.

The cameras use Kodak's latest CCD sensor generation with four tap readout technology. These sensors are up to four times faster than standard CCD sensors of the same resolution. As a result of Basler's extensive Kodak sensor experience, the Basler Aviator offers excellent tap balancing and homogenous imaging results.

Equipped with a compact 62 x 62 x 57mm housing and features such as progressive readout and global shutter technology, Aviator GigE cameras are well suited for a variety of application areas including factory automation, semiconductor and electronics inspection, medical imaging, and intelligent traffic systems (ITS). Series production will start in Q1 2011.


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