Autovision 3.0 and Vision Mini Xi

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Microscan has released its Autovision 3.0 software, which makes use of the new web-based Cloudlink HMI. Also launching with Autovision 3.0 is Microscan’s new industrial Vision Mini Xi, a small, fully-integrated smart camera with embedded Ethernet.

The Autovision 3.0 release provides additional capabilities such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with advanced IntelliText algorithms for hard-to-read text; DotCode symbol support; barcode quality verification reports available in PDF or plain-text format; and four password-protected security levels to control access to software functionality.

The web-based CloudLink HMI generates a visual display of Autovision machine vision inspection data on any browser-enabled device, including smart phones and tablets. CloudLink’s fully-customisable dashboard interface enables a real time view of linked inspection images and results, while the Application Programming Interface (API) allows CloudLink technology to be added to custom software.

The Vision Mini Xi is designed for close-range industrial machine vision applications. It features Ethernet and serial connectivity, a 24-volt interface, and optically isolated I/O. Colour identification and image processing are available on the Vision Mini Xi, as well as the full range of Vision Mini, Vision Hawk, and Vision Hawk C-Mount smart cameras supported by Autovision 3.0 software.