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Architector Vision Suite 1.8.0

Quest Innovations has released an improved edition of Architector Vision Suite (1.8.0). This new release includes a lot of improvements including extended support for new multispectral cameras, support for different types of colour images, upgraded LookUp Table functionality and the addition of the 'Image Data View', which displays the pixel values of an image in an interface that resembles a spreadsheet.

Architector Vision Suite is part of the camera package for use in development of machine vision applications using Quest Innovations camera systems. It is a comprehensive collection of software components based on the common Architector SDK for the development of machine vision programs. Architector Vision Suite is aimed at demanding applications in industrial image processing. It is compatible for use in a wide variety of machine vision applications using Quest Innovations multispectral camera systems.

The software can run one or more applications at the same time to perform tasks such as viewing images from a camera or file, save live image streams to disk or convert image files to other formats.


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