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Apogee Alta camera systems

Multipix Imaging has added the Apogee Alta high-performance cooled camera systems to its product range. The cameras are designed for a wide range of demanding scientific applications. Alta systems support a broad selection of CCDs, from interlines to full frame front-illuminated to back-illuminated, from 512 x 512 up to 4096 x 4096. The Alta control system has been expanded to 12-bits, allowing a temperature control range of 213K to 313K (-60 to +40 C).

Features include dual digitisation for high precision plus high speed focus, on-board camera memory for fast local sequences, time delayed integration for imaging, and a single 12V power input for optional battery-powered operation. 

The Alta U16M has a large field of view using a large-format, 16 Megapixel, full frame sensor, at 9μm pixel size (4096 x 4096 array), with microlensing and anti-blooming gates. The large field of view and sensitivity of the camera make it suitable for astro-photographers, sky surveys and radiology.


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