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Avago Technologies has released a new ambient light sensor with a precise output response over a wide range of lighting conditions. Its logarithmic output allows the APDS-9007 to cover a wide range of brightness (3 lux to 70,000 lux). It is suitable for mobile and other applications, such as outdoor lighting and solar panels, which may be operated under direct sunlight.

Designed to closely follow the human-eye spectral response curve, the photo sensor produces reliable sensor reading under diverse lighting conditions. The APDS-9007 also reduces power consumption and saves battery life in portable and mobile devices by enabling the automatic adjustment of LCD backlight intensity and keypad lighting. Packaged in a miniature chip LED lead-free surface mount package, Avago's compact APDS-9007 can work between -40-85°C with a power supply from 2 to 3.6V.


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