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Alticam Pod

HoodTech Vision, a manufacturer of stabilised imaging systems for small unmanned aircraft systems and manned aircraft, has introduced the Alticam Pod, an aluminium housing that includes an advanced GPS capability.  

The new pod features Alticam video processing with object tracking, electronic de-jitter, and various video functions. The system also includes a moving map to improve operator situational awareness. The Alticam Pod is designed as a test vehicle for operation of HoodTech Vision (HTV) payloads in fixed-wing aircraft, and as a rugged vehicle for manned, fixed wing application of various HTV systems.

The product has been used on the Cessna 182 and is adaptable to other general aviation aircraft, aerostats, and unmanned aircraft. For manned aircraft, the pod includes an Alitcam control console with a touch-screen operator terminal.


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