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Acuros extended SWIR camera

SWIR Vision Systems has announced the commercial launch, production and sales of the Acuros high definition, extended short-wave infrared (eSWIR) cameras.

This new class of SWIR band cameras, featuring the company’s CQD Quantum Dot sensor technology, will compete directly with incumbent SWIR and eSWIR technologies, delivering the highest resolution, at lower cost points, and global exportability to the Vision Industry. The introduction of 1920 x 1080 HD extended SWIR capability increases the usable SWIR band by >40%, out to 2000nm, and brings full 2.1MP high definition imaging to several new commercial short wave IR applications.

"Acuros CQD Full HD cameras deliver more then 6X the pixel resolution compared to InGaAs VGA cameras, delivering higher field-of-view and superior clarity to users with the need to resolve the finest details”, said Dr. Ethan Klem, CTO of SWIR Vision Systems. “The intent of our quantum dot based eSWIR products is to open up practical, high definition and high performance imaging in new applications including chemical detection, machine vision systems, multi-spectral imaging, plastic sorting, defense and surveillance, autonomous driving, and more.”

The company introduced their pioneering full-HD quantum-dot SWIR Cameras in 2019 and now increase the capability of these cameras by extending the capability beyond the standard SWIR InGaAs camera band. The company has begun shipping the Acuros CQD 1920 eSWIR camera, which it manufactures from its operations center in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.


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